News articles related to natural farming and petro-chemical farming.

Note: This is a copy of the page Extra info in blogpost format, cause its easier to manage.

This is a page of mostly news articles for when you just can’t get enough of reading about farming.
If you have news articles you want to submit then please contact me and I add them.

Disclaimer: All info and links posted here is external and separate from this website.

Info related to natural farming:

Revolution With One Straw: How One Japanese Farmer Changed Modern Agriculture

Japanese Natural Farming Guru Kawaguchi Yoshikazu

Info related to petro-chemicial farming:


A False Sense of Food Security in High-tech Farming | INTO THE ULU

Why Hydroponic Farming Should Never Be Certified Organic | Alternet

No, vertical farms wont feed the world

Study finds association between maternal exposure to agricultural pesticides | EurekAlert! Science News

Offspring autism risk linked to pesticide exposure during pregnancy

Agricultural colonialism

Why the green revolution has failed to feed us

In India, the Green Revolution turns to brown – Impact of Chemical Technology

Monoculture and the Irish Potato Famine: cases of missing genetic variation

GMO Golden Rice Offers No Nutritional Benefits Says FDA

Who should feed the world: real people or faceless multinationals?

French doctors fail to solve mystery of babies with missing limbs

Dutch farmers learn about the limits to growth the hard way

Info related to deforestation:

Deforestation: Nigeria has lost 96 % of its forest

Deforestation, dying rivers leading to water wars

Going solar isn’t green if you cut down tons of trees

Info related to general pollution:

Titanium Dioxide from Sunscreen is Polluting Beaches

Sunscreen Pollution

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